Unreal Engine Textures & Materials

If you have been wondering how textures and materials work on Unreal Engine 4 and 5, and if you have been looking for a place where you can download them for free and without registration, then you have come to the right place. Here we have collected different textures and PBR materials for game development on UE4 and UE5, stone, wood, soil, grass for landscapes, decals, shaders for environments and effects, miscellaneous, so you can make your game first class and unforgettable. The point is that when it's too difficult to model an object, textures come into play. Let's see how they can be used to create realistic models without wasting resources.

Waterline PRO
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Waterline PRO v5.4 (5.3)
12 January 2024
Waterline Effect with Displaced Waves, FFT Ocean and Shallow Water Simulation. Here you can find the latest update of this package. Waterline is a...
Neon Led Generator
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Neon Led Generator v4.2x, 5.x
26 December 2023
Neon Led Generator With 8 ready-made templates With 10 ready-made templates Adjustable light color Mixed led color Adjustable texture resolution 5...
Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator v5.0
25 December 2023
Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator designed for next-gen space games. It uses a volumetric shader to render realistic scenes in real-time....
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
EasyMapper v5.3
15 December 2023
EasyMapper is a Master Material setup that supports World-Aligned (Triplanar) texture projection, combined with Nanite tessellation/displacement,...
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VaOcean Mobile
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
VaOcean Mobile v4.26-4.27
13 December 2023
VaOceanMobile is a material shader created for oceans and water surfaces in mobile games on Unreal Engine 4. Yes, exactly! It looks the same on...
Interior Cubemap Tileable Materials
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Interior Cubemap Tileable Materials v4.26-4.27, 5.0-5.3
10 December 2023
A Cubemap Interior Master material with a range of parameters to suit a variety of projects. Inbuilt Day/Night transitions and a group of material...
Lightshaft Master Material
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Lightshaft Master Material v4.2x, 5.x
07 December 2023
A simple light shaft master material with full control over Colour, Falloff, Light Rays, Smoke, and Dust Motes....
Parallax Card Material
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Parallax Card Material v4.25 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
07 December 2023
The project contains a Master Material for creating a card with a parallax effect. Using the example of one placeholder rig and five fully...
EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive tiling master materials v3 (5.0)
06 December 2023
Remove tiling repetition on textures and create complex effects directly in material. Extile Plus is primarily a randomization texture material...
Car Paint
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Car Paint v4.21-4.27, 5.0-5.3
29 November 2023
A simple master material for use with material instances that covers all the common car body surfaces. This uses the dual normal clear coat shader...
12 Burning Wood Materials Animated
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
12 Burning Wood Materials Animated v4.25-4.27, 5.0-5.3
28 November 2023
12 seamless burning wood materials. PBR setup, with displacement. Controls for burning, displacement and emissive intensity Features: 12 unique...
Vertex Paint Master
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Vertex Paint Master v4.27+
28 November 2023
It is simple and easy to use vertex paint material. Disabled and enabled features, layers. Friendly for fps. You can draw, as well as automatically...
Real Materials Complet
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Real Materials Complet v5.1
22 November 2023
Pack of 88 various materials. This package contains all 7 volumes of Real Materials series with much better price per item: Wood Rust & grunge...
Automotive Extras
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Automotive Extras v4.27, 5.0-5.3
20 November 2023
Exhaust Flames, Metallic Paint, Candy Carbon, Titanium Exhaust and More! Designed to be complimentary to the great Automotive Materials, this pack...
Volumetric Glass
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Volumetric Glass v4.26-4.27, 5.0
18 November 2023
Advanced feature-rich material of glass combined with volumetric effects. Volumetric Glass is an advanced and efficient master material designed for...
Genshin Impact Character Shader for Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Genshin Impact Character Shader for Unreal Engine
17 November 2023
This Genshin Impact-styled Character Shader is a flexible material made for Unreal Engine that is heavily inspired by the character shader used in...
Bullet Hole Decals
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Bullet Hole Decals v4.15-4.27, 5.0-5.3
13 November 2023
Bullet Hole Decals pack contains normal map decals, texture decals, mesh based decals with Parallax Occlusion Mapping. Features: Parallax Occlusion...
Stylized Brick Materials
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
Stylized Brick Materials v4.15-4.27, 5.0-5.3
10 November 2023
Over 252 stylized brick textures, all are 2048*2048px and tileable. 6 unique brick shapes that come with 7 different main color variations. Each...
EP Master Materials
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
EP Master Materials v4.20-4.27, 5.0-5.3
08 November 2023
Create any PBR materials with good optimized game ready master materials pack for walls & props with full customization at any time of...
Unreal Engine Textures & Materials
SkyCard v4.21-4.27, 5.0-5.3
30 October 2023
Ever wanted to have a veeery specific looking sky? Needed a cloud shifted juuust a little to the right? Wanted to change the time of day only to...

Download textures and PBR materials for Unreal Engine 4 / 5

The number of polygons is responsible for accurately conveying the geometry of the 3D object. From them, by the way, also consist of models, which have to work designers. Obviously, the more of them, the higher will be the level of detail of the finished model. But you cannot add them to infinity - the creation and rendering will take too much time. Textures and materials allow you to make a digital image realistic, preserving the minimum number of polygons. Let's dive a little bit into the theory and see what's what.

So, textures. Sometimes called a map. By the way, it is a bitmap image superimposed on the surface of the model to give it color, color properties or the illusion of relief. The process of creating textures is called 3D mapping.

But how are textures created in the first place?

Let's say you want to render a cube of some material. Say, an iron cube. It is better to first create a gray cube with no texture, and then add a bitmap image that will be superimposed on the empty polygons. This is roughly how it works. One of the most common ways to create materials is procedural texturing using PBR technology. This is how texture maps are created, which in the process are combined and overlaid on top of each other.

PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering. That is, the rendering of materials takes into account the laws of physics. The main advantage of materials with this technology is that they can be used in programs for rendering, and in the game and non-game engines - from one utility to another pipeline material does not change.

Applying the same PBR textures in different engines, you will get slightly different results, but if they are properly calibrated, their essence will remain the same, and they will look good in Unity, and Unreal Engine, and in any non-real-time renderer with trace. But still prefer to give preference in this sense, the engines UE4 and UE5. The fact that they are specifically geared for high-quality games with stunning graphics. Of course, the rendering with tracing graphics will still be better, but it can't be called a game. So, if you dare to make some kind of title, PBR in Unreal Engine is your choice.

There are basically two main types of materials: dielectrics and metals. Their difference in their interaction with light is that metals do not let light through. Dielectrics have diffused reflection - that is, light rays pass inside the material, scatter, and then some of the light is absorbed and some goes out. They also have a white glare.

Metals, on the other hand, do not transmit light, but reflect it - partially or completely - resulting in a colored glare. Dielectrics also reflect light, but in much smaller quantities than metals. We have both dielectrics and metals in this section of our catalog, so we're sure you can find the right content for your video game. Now let's go back to textures for a second.

In this category of our catalog you can find, for example, such texture sets:

  • Normal, which contains color;
  • Textures with normals, that is maps that are responsible for the relief on the material;
  • With ORM (occlusion, roughness, metallic) elements, that is with texture sets with reflections, shading and other properties.

There are also individual textures and materials that will be useful for solving some local problems. For instance, we have materials, devoted to bullet hole decals. You can use them for your FPS-project. In fact, everything is limited only by your imagination!