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Imagine that you really want to create your own game project, but you absolutely do not know how to program, and do not plan to learn – you just want to create. Here and now, without any exceptions. We know very well that such people exist, and that's why we created this subsection on our site. Here you can find and free download various template assets for Unity engine – prototypes, on the basis of which it will be possible to create your own project. Say, you want to make a project in the fps genre - well, just browse our catalog and find ready-made presets, which are already worked out weapons, character management and enemies. All you need to do now is to build your own interesting levels from ready-made templates. More precisely, here you will find ready-made projects, individual modules and packs, systems for 2D and 3D games (MMORPG, Platformer, FPS, Role-playing, Match 3, Quests and others). Feel free to add our site to your browser favorites so you don't lose access to it!

Top Down Starter Kit - 3D - Visual Scripting
Unity Templates
Top Down Starter Kit - 3D - Visual Scripting v1.1
13 June 2024
If you planning to build a Top Down Game with Visual Scripting, this package is what you need to get start with. Top Down Game Template by using...
Easy Build System - Modular Building System
Unity Templates
Easy Build System - Modular Building System v6.8
11 June 2024
Support engine version: 2019.4.36 or higher. You can get the latest version of this pack for free from us. Easy Build System is a modular building...
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TopDown Engine
Unity Templates
TopDown Engine v4.0
11 June 2024
1 822
Support engine version: 2018.2.6 or higher. The TopDown Engine is the most complete top down solution for Unity. You can always get the latest...
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Unity Templates
11 June 2024
This Unity Project Was Created With The Purpose Of Guiding Intermediate-Level Hobbyist Game Developers Towards Designing Their Own RPG Adventure...
Match 3 Jelly Garden Kit
Unity Templates
Match 3 Jelly Garden Kit v2.3.3
08 June 2024
Match 3 Jelly Garden Kit. One of Unity Asset Store’s pioneering match-3 projects, has withstood the test of time, continuously improved to help you...
Candy Piano Tiles
Unity Templates
Candy Piano Tiles v1.0
06 June 2024
*** Ready for PUBLISH !! *** *** Don’t need the programming skills !! *** Sample basic .apk demo >>>> SampleBasic.apk Sample Reskin .apk...
[MFPS Addon] Discord Login
Unity Templates
[MFPS Addon] Discord Login v1.0
06 June 2024
For MFPS 1.9 and Above. Discord Login Allows users to sign in/sign up in ULogin Pro with their Discord Account, adding another easier way to users...
Links: Challenging Puzzle Game Template
Unity Templates
Links: Challenging Puzzle Game Template v1.2
05 June 2024
Links is a unique and challenging puzzle game, ready to be published. A different board will be presented to the player at each level. The goal is...
(STP) Survival Template PRO
Unity Templates
(STP) Survival Template PRO v1.4.0.1
04 June 2024
1 484
Support engine version: 2021.3.16 or higher. You can always get the latest update of this pack for free here. Survival Template Pro is a versatile,...
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MFPS Mobile
Unity Templates
MFPS Mobile v1.9.4 (May 31, 2024)
04 June 2024
1 399
Support engine version: 2020.3.26 or higher. Best Multiplayer first-person shooter game template optimized for mobile devices. You can get the...
Fidget DIY Pop Toys Maker 3D
Unity Templates
Fidget DIY Pop Toys Maker 3D v1.0
04 June 2024
New Top Trending unity game template (Fidget DIY Pop Toys Maker 3D) from GOOD IDEA GAMES! Make the trading fidget pop toys and pop it in this game...
Rope-Man Run 3D
Unity Templates
Rope-Man Run 3D v1.0
03 June 2024
RopeMan with ropes run through obstacles and collect the different color of yarns and ropes along the way to grow bigger and bigger. Features...
Archero Unity Source code
Unity Templates
Archero Unity Source code v1.0
30 May 2024
Archer Heroes! Enter a world where existence itself is eliminate you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming...
Retro Horror Template
Unity Templates
Retro Horror Template v2.6.1
26 May 2024
1 643
Support engine version: 2021.3.16 or higher. Retro Horror Template is the most complete framework for Unity to simplify the design and creation of...
Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Mirror) (MMFPSE)
Unity Templates
Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine (Mirror) (MMFPSE) v0.8.0.9 BETA
25 May 2024
Contains everything you need to get started with your own Multiplayer (and also singleplayer) first person shooter! Now using Mirror Networking for...
Hero Rescue 2 Trending Puzzle Game
Unity Templates
Hero Rescue 2 Trending Puzzle Game v1.0
23 May 2024
Addictive and challenging puzzle adventure with easy and fun gameplay that will appeal to players of all ages. A game where you can really test your...
Zodiac Runner 3D
Unity Templates
Zodiac Runner 3D v1.2
23 May 2024
New Top Trending unity game template (Zodiac Runner 3D) from GOOD IDEA GAMES! Choose your sign and collect the right items according to your sign to...
Truth Find Runner 3D
Unity Templates
Truth Find Runner 3D v1.0
23 May 2024
Your choices will reveal unexpected truth about you! Run on high runway to find the unexpected truth about yourself by choosing different things...
Miner Rush
Unity Templates
Miner Rush v1.0
22 May 2024
Tap and move. Destroy blocks avoid rock and collect coins and open new skins. It’s an endless type of game. More about the project: Project have...
Simple City Builder
Unity Templates
Simple City Builder v2.3
18 May 2024
This is Simple City Builder (SCB) Use SCB to create city building games like many popular games on the mobile market, or any kind of new and...

Download Unity Assets – Templates for 2D/3D game development

So, you've decided to develop your video game, and you've come to this subsection of our site. Well, let's briefly run through the genres whose templates you can find here.

MMORPG and Role-playing

This is a genre of multiplayer role-playing games, where each player has his own character that can interact with other players within a large virtual world. In MMORPGs, users develop their characters by raising their level, improving their skills, buying weapons and armor. They can also join clans and alliances, conquer territory and defeat the world's bosses. Choosing MMORPG is not a bad choice, but only if you have some experience in video game development, because it is a very complex and challenging genre.


Platformer is a perfect genre for a beginner. You don't need to have deep game-designing knowledge to make a good game in this setting. On our site you will find many templates for creating a good platformer in any subgenre - 2D, 3D.


FPS is definitely a genre that has gained a lot of love among players. By the way, on our website you can find the largest number of templates dedicated exactly to FPS and RPG genres. In its essence, FPS are games in which players are given the role of a character, the main task of which is shooting with the first-person view. Most of these games are military or militaristic games, where the player is assigned the role of controlling some kind of military. Of course, there are a lot of sci-fi setting, templates that you can easily find at us.

Match 3

Simple genre. It is, along with Platformer, is ideal for creating your first game project because of its simplicity. Puzzles are also in great demand, so it is, in fact, a win-win.


Quests are another good option for a first game. Why is that? Well, for one, because a quest is an adventure game that requires the player to solve mental problems to progress through the story. That is, the impact on the world and surrounding objects, is done through indirect influence. Whereas in FPS, it is the opposite – the player drives the story with the help of impact action, himself is the catalyst for events, in the quest, most often the player must act by stealth. When you develop a game in this genre you do not need to have a good technical knowledge or be a programmer, mainly here decides imagination.

So, you can easily download all the above genres on our site – for free and without registration! We vouch for the quality of our content, because it has all been hand-selected and downloaded. Moreover, it is constantly updated.