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Sword and Shield Animations
Unity Animations
Sword and Shield Animations v1.0
13 June 2024
Collection of handcrafted finishing moves and attacks with a sword and shield. This is an animation asset pack that offers handcrafted paired...
Survival Animations
Unity Animations
Survival Animations v1.0
13 June 2024
A set of animations for survival games, including gathering, building, fishing, skinning/tanning, campfire and more. Production Description: Total...
Small Fire Pack
Unity VFX Particles
Small Fire Pack v3.0.1
13 June 2024
This package is a small version of traditional fire particles. Use it for your epic games and create customs particles with the assets provided in...
Golem animated character
Unity 3D-Models
Golem animated character v1.0
13 June 2024
Animations • Walk • Idle • Idle_long • Attack • Damage • Death Textures • 512x512 Polygons • 2040 Use it for your incredible games!...
Tiled TMX Importer
Unity Tools
Tiled TMX Importer v1.9
13 June 2024
Load your maps from the Tiled editor straight into Unity's native Tilemap system introduced in 2017.2! Tile Palettes are generated from your...
Top Down Starter Kit - 3D - Visual Scripting
Unity Templates
Top Down Starter Kit - 3D - Visual Scripting v1.1
13 June 2024
If you planning to build a Top Down Game with Visual Scripting, this package is what you need to get start with. Top Down Game Template by using...
Medieval Forest
Unreal Engine Environments
Medieval Forest v4.27+
13 June 2024
Unique and colorful medieval forest asset pack, optimized and created for a wide range of devices. The pack features +100 assets dedicated to the...
Sci-Fi Player - Man
Unreal Engine Characters
Sci-Fi Player - Man v4.27+
13 June 2024
Low-poly game character. Polycount of Character: Polys: 37 430 Tris: 37 430 Verts: 18 772 Features: Alphas are packed for better optimization....
Animalia - Leopard (young)
Unreal Engine Characters
Animalia - Leopard (young) v5.0+
13 June 2024
Realistic young Leopard with animations authored at 60fps, 4K textures, bone mesh and gFur support. Features: young Leopard model bone mesh...
Animalia - Gray Wolf (young)
Unreal Engine Characters
Animalia - Gray Wolf (young) v5.0+
13 June 2024
Animated young Gray Wolf with gFur support and 70 animations. Features: young Gray Wolf model Animations authored at 60 fps All animations available...
Unreal Engine Sound & Music
GORE v4.27+
13 June 2024
All the Blood, Guts, and Gore you could need! We've made countless specialized sound effects files for EPIC Games for hire over the years. If...
Skeleton Pirate Bundle
Unreal Engine Characters
Skeleton Pirate Bundle v4.18-4.27, 5.0-5.3
13 June 2024
High-quality realistic low-poly 3D models of Skeleton Pirates The model is ready for use in games and other real-time applications Additional Notes:...
"Animated" Demon
Unreal Engine Characters
"Animated" Demon v4.26+
13 June 2024
A high-quality animated monster characters for your games. Character has 2 skin. (Original + Color Variation ) And. Characters has 10 animation, 4...
Cyberpunk Sniper Girl
Unreal Engine Characters
Cyberpunk Sniper Girl v4.26+
13 June 2024
Low poly, game ready, rigged, modular, PBR textures, MatID, ARKitApple Blendshapes(Morph Targets). Include body mesh without cloth. Model has 4 body...
2D Animated Cute and Furry Monster Pack (Pack of 30)
Unreal Engine 2D Assets
2D Animated Cute and Furry Monster Pack (Pack of 30) v4.27+
13 June 2024
The "Furry Monster Adventure Pack. Prepare to bring your video game to life with the "Furry Monster Adventure Pack: Animated Sprite Idle...
3D DynamicDataCubeChart 01
Unreal Engine Blueprints
3D DynamicDataCubeChart 01 v5.2+
13 June 2024
"3D Dynamic Data Cube Chart" is a real-time data visualization asset that features 3D dynamic cubes for presenting data in percentage and...
Stylized Boxing Club ( Stylized , Boxing , Stylized )
Unreal Engine Environments
Stylized Boxing Club ( Stylized , Boxing , Stylized ) v4.25-4.27, 5.0-5.3
13 June 2024
Stylized Boxing Club with 98 Assets. There is a lot of different type of Assets to help you create or polish your Environments. All Assets made with...
Modern UI Pack
Unity Tools
Modern UI Pack v5.5.24
13 June 2024
Supported Unity versions: 2019.4.31 or higher. Modern UI Pack is a clean, minimalistic and stylish UI package for those who want to have better and...
Inventory Cog
Unity Tools
Inventory Cog v2022.Q2.2
13 June 2024
Stats Cog™ is now included in Inventory Cog! Nothing else on the asset store comes close to Inventory Cog™. Everything you need to put fully...
Unity Tools
Obfuscator v3.13.0
13 June 2024
This asset obfuscates your code making it harder for bad guys to reverse engineer your projects. Specifically designed for Unity, it seamlessly...
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